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About AGH

AGH Services Informatiques Sàrl is a Swiss company active in the creation and management of IT system infrastructures since its foundation date in 2009. 

Our offices, IT solutions and partners are located in Switzerland – a guarantee of quality and safety.

We intervene in Switzerland and abroad.

Our vision

The world we live in is highly digitalised. Our businesses often depend on IT infrastructure, whether physical or virtual.

At AGH we believe that, although sometimes invisible, a good IT system is key to any business, its strategy and operations.

We believe that it is more important than ever to understand and manage your IT assets and all the externalities that come with them.

That’s why we’re here to help you.


Honesty and trust are at the heart of our DNA, whether with our clients, partners or our team.


Element that we would like to find in an IT service ourselves, we make it a priority to be available, reactive and to develop tailor-made solutions.


Because we touch the nerve center of your business, we are aware of the value of this data and its management.

Your IT expert.


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Route Cantonale 107, 1025 Saint-Sulpice | contact[at]aghinformatique[dot]ch |                    +41 79 359 08 14